Questions about syncing and links in note formatting


I love omnifocus but find a couple things that are annoying about it, Could you please help me figure out if there is a solution to these?

  1. Whenever i shut down my computer, omnifocus always needs to finish syncing, which usually takes a minute or two (even when i havent made any updates to omnifocus database). I would prefer if it synced before i shut down computer so that i wouldnt need to wait for it every time. Is there any way to make it sync automatically before i shut down or speed up the sync process so this doesnt happen?

  2. Often when i am typing notes in omnifocus and using links, it makes it so that all text that i type after a link is still hyperlinked, even when i want to type in regular text. Any way to fix this?


2b. Sometimes when i copy and paste notes with links out of omnifocus, it messes up and only pastes a portion of the full note, for example the whole pasted note will only be one link. It requires me to paste it peice by piece in something like evernote before i can copy and paste it all together into a different app. Any way to fix this?

Thanks, Dan


How are you synching OF? I would have thought that - unless you have an extremely large file - it ought to synch almost instantly. And certainly not wait to do (again?) so until you shut down.

There are a couple of bugs associated with Notes in some recent versions:

  1. sometimes you have to click away from the current task in OF in order for the (text in the) Note to show (again), and
  2. sometimes when pasting a URL from another source, text previously stored on the (system?) clipboard gets pasted into all your notes so that - say - five apparently different links all actually link to the same actual URI

Could what you are experiencing be one of these phenomena?

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And another bug at least on my machine is links cannot be edited – e.g. Changes are made to the display name only to revert to the original name after editing.

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Thanks Mark.

I’m syncing OF with just the Synchronize with server menu bar option or the Sync icon in top right. It takes about 30-60 seconds for sync on average. I believe i do have a large database, so maybe that is causing it. Any way to check the size of database? And any recommendations on how to speed up the Sync and make it happen well before quitting?

Regarding the note bugs, yes it seems like #2 is what i’m experiencing. Thanks for explaining these.

Notes bugs have been fixed in the latest release (2.12) according to the Release Notes.

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Hi, can someone please provide some advice about this? Still having the same issue and wondering how to fix it.

Also wondering- if it is taking a long time to sync, is there any harm/risk of cancelling the sync? Will it still sync everything fine after the computer is turned back on or will it cause sync problems (ie missing or duplicate tasks)?

Maybe this will help with the excessive linking? Excessive linkification in notes?