Questions on options for "selected task state filter identifier"


I posted in this forum a while ago regarding a quick toggle to basically toggle the “Filter By Availability” View Options.

Within the menu choice, there are the following choices:

First Available

Right now my script toggles between “All” and “available”. I actually want to make it to toggle between available and “Remaining” . However, “remaining” doesn’t seem to be an option for the following:

	set newTaskState to "all"
	set selected task state filter identifier of the content of theDoc to newTaskState

Does anyone know how to programmatically set it to “remaining”

Try “incomplete” instead of “remaining”.

I have a similar toggling script and I just checked the code, I’m using “incomplete”. I’m crap at commenting my code but, IIRC, I was having trouble until I scripted reading the available states.

Yeah it seems that all and incomplete are giving the same results, unless I’m missing something.

Do you have any completed items in the list on which you are testing the script? That would be the only difference between all and remaining/incomplete.