Questions: transition from OF2 to OF3

Total noob questions these, but does anyone know how to uninstall OF2 from Mac when you have both 2 and 3 installed at the same time (which is necessary to get the discount)? The icons are virtually identical and all the files have the same names - don’t wanna mess up my database. Also, migrating from 2 to 3 seems to do something funny to repeating tasks in that it removes things like ‘due again’ - does anyone else have this problem and/ or a fix for it? And why does OF3 for iOS always open to the inbox, not the home screen? Would love to fix that too.


I always struggle with this issue. I have removed the wrong app in the past. This time I was just more careful to check what app was opened more recently in the app folder.

Of you would like to keep both OF2 as OF3 on your Mac, or like another icon for OF3, then you can change this (does need to be redone after Esch update: