Quick Entry Box - Due/Defer Date Entry Mechanism

Just wondering if anyone else is finding it irritating that Due and Defer dates have to be manually typed in when using the Quick Entry function.

Personally, a pop out calendar would be more helpful - keep finding myself counting out days on my fingers to try and work out when I want to defer to.


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Have you tried entering “6 days,” “Next Friday,” etc.?


@lucasburke NO WAY!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!

Very cool feature. Take it back - the pop up calendar is dead to me.

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I think he likes it!


If you like that @paulsanett, you’ll love this… you can shortcut further with “2d” “2w” “2m” “2y” for two days/weeks/months/years. You can combine them as well “2d 3m” for two days and three months from now.

You combine days and shortcuts in the date box too. If you are really out of it (I am too at times!) you can write “2d Friday” for two days after Friday.


I’m using the shortcuts (2d, 1w, 1m…) and natural language like (today, friday, next monday…).
I think this is better and more simple than a drop down calendar.

Ah, but did you know about ‘tonight’?


after I stumbled upon tonight just a few days ago:
why not things like “tomorrow night”, “tomorrow morning”, “2d night”, “2w noon”?

Some things we get ‘for free’ from the cocoa frameworks - everything else has to be coded by hand. (And the stuff we code by hand then has to be localized into each language separately.)

If there are additional natural language inputs that would be useful, those would be great things to submit as feature requests - and like all feature requests, the ones with the best effort:reward ratio are going to have the best chances. (Where by “reward” I mean they make the most customers happy.)

One thing that would be very helpful to me is in repeating tasks, to be able to write something like “First Saturday of each month”.

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This is one of the things that’s on our radar screen, but these kinds of repeats mean modifying the underlying database format. That will leave anyone who can’t upgrade all their devices to v2 apps without the ability to sync them all together. We know we’re going to have to do this someday, but that is a huge blow to those customers’ productivity. We’re being very cautious about it.

TLDR version - features like this become feasible sometime after the v2 iPad app ships.


Can’t we have a date picker as well as these shortcuts? It would be helpful to me.

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+1 for date pickers for quick entry, especially since we used to have them in OF 1. Many times I will create a task via Quick Entry and I have to select the first Thursday after a certain date, so I really must use a calendar. Total hassle to switch to a calendar application just to figure out the date.


Another plea to bring back the pop-up calendar in Quick Entry

No follow-up since 2014. I still find it strange that the Quick Entry box has no pop-up calendar. If it is not useful there, why bother having it in the main program? The OP was quickly, maybe too quickly, swayed by the shortcuts (2w etc). They are nifty but there are different situations that require different techniques. The worst technique is without doubt having to enter the actual date manually. At least in my case, day of week plays an overriding role, not day of month. For anything later in the week or even the following week, the shortcuts are OK. But they essentially apply to offset timing from the present. Quite often I have something like “on a Monday in the second week next month”. To me, the pop-up calendar is superior for these situations. The shortcuts, apart from the very simplest versions, also have the drawback that you have to check carefully whether you got it actually right - unless you’re a power use. Also, sometimes I make the decision for the timing by looking at the actual calendar display!
OF1 had the pop-up for good reasons. I brought this up a long time ago with OmniGroup, nothing has happened.

Is really no one interested in having this handy feature? I can’t speak for others, but for me it definitely reduces capture productivity in a virtual desktop environment. What I end up doing frequently: In QE, I enter “yesterday” as date, then later go to OF proper, and open the calendar on that task to do the final scheduling.