Quick Entry on iPad (How-to)

I always envied OmniFocus Mac users for their quick entry feature. On Mac anywhere you are you can capture topics to the OmniFocus (OF) Inbox.

After thinking about this and some fiddling around I figured out how you can do that on iPad with keyboard as well.

What you need to set this up:

  1. Install Apple Shortcuts app
  2. Allow Spotlight to search for Apple Shortcuts
  3. Then the following Apple Shortcut* (Shortcuts) or any other Apple Shortcut capturing an item to the OF Inbox. I called my shortcut β€šInβ€˜. The one provided just asks for title and note and creates a new item/action in Inbox.

How to use it?

  1. Anywhere you are on the iPad press ⌘ + Space >> Spotlight search dialog appears
  2. Type: in >> Spotlight finds the Apple Shortcut called β€šInβ€˜
  3. Press ↲ (enter or return key) >> Shortcut asks for the title of the item/action
  4. Enter the title of the item/action and confirm with ↲ (enter or return key) >> Next the shortcut asks for optional note text
  5. Enter any note text OR enter nothing. Then confirm with ⌘ + ↲
  6. Get rid of the Spotlight field by pressing ⌘ + Space
    Result: The item got added to your OF Inbox

Have fun