Quick entry panel position

How to I make the quick entry panel always open in the center of the screen (or wherever I place it)? If this is a bug, I will report it. I just want to be sure I’m not missing something obvious.

Other quick entry thingies (Alfred, Quicksilver), will reopen wherever you place them.

I had been wondering the something, it always seems to appear to the lower left of the screen for me, I don’t mean the edge just noticeably off center. Would be great if it was either an option to / or just appeared on the center of the desktop. Or perhaps place it in a position where it will always appear.

You can drag it wherever you want and it keeps appearing in that same spot.

Not for me, it doesn’t. It will reappear in the lower left quadrant.

send a bug report then. It should be working. same thing with quick open. You position it where you want and reminds that placement.

The Quick Entry and Quick Open windows are supposed to remember where you put them. If not, please do email OFPreview@omnigroup.com so we can track the problem.

It would be very helpful if you could let us know whether you’re running any window management utilities (like Moom) or anything else that might affect window positioning. This bug seems to only happen for some users. If we could figure out what’s different about your machines, that would be a big help in fixing it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your interest in OmniFocus!

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I have the same problem when I am using different displays - so I always have move the quick entry window to the wanted position after changing display (after that it appears at the same position). Alfred et al. do not have the same problem, i.e., they appear at the wanted position regardless of the display used. I am using Moom…

I confirm - that happens when I’m working on a external display. In my case it’s Apple Display connected to my Macbook Air via thunderbolt port. Hope it’ll get fixed soon as it’s somewhat irritating.