Quick Entry - Please expand notes by default

When I use Quick entry I like to drag my emails to “notes” so I have a reference. In OF2 the notes field is collapsed by default requiring an extra step of me expanding the notes field before I can drag the email to the quick entry.

Can we have the notes field expanded by default?


I frequently use quick entry and would also like to see this at least as a settings option

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or at least include the notes in the tab queue

It’s not clear why there is a stop in the key view loop on the notes icon in the quick entry window — it doesn’t seem possible to get to fill in notes with it selected. It’s still possible to toggle getting to the notes with cmd-’, but once activated you can’t tab back or forward to get out of it.

My biggest issue is that when clipping, the note is selected, when in OF1 the subject was selected which seemed like a much better design. My flow goes like this: Select text in an app (usually Mail) that I want to create a task for. Do the clip shortcut. Change the title of the task and hit enter. Now I have to click around to get out of the task. Command+, no longer closes the note.

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Yep — that was throwing me off earlier as well.

I’m also a bit flummoxed by not being able to Tab to the “Due Date” box; it jumps straight from “Defer” to “Notes” instead. To me that seems… odd.

On the tabbing order: for me the order is Title, Project, Context, Defer date, Due date. I swear a second ago I could tab to notes, but I just tried it 3 times and it skips the note section.

This is exactly my workflow and the new way has thrown me all off. I’d at least like the option to select which one is selected first, the title or the note (but I would always prefer the title). The most critical part is being able to quickly tab over to the context and project fields. It’s the only way I can process and stay on top of the volume of email I get.

@babblingdweeb We didn’t directly change this. We’ve seen a couple funny things when your window is so narrow that the second row of information on actions is getting squished. Is that perhaps what it was?

I wasn’t the original poster, but making the Quick Entry window wider solved the problem of not being able to tab to due date. I had to fiddle with it, and it had to be nearly twice as wide as, well, as wide as it was prior. I don’t remember changing the width (doesn’t mean I didn’t) and it hadn’t occurred to me that it was changeable. Easy fix, but is probably confusing some folks.

It might have been. I cannot replicate it --but I also don’t keep the window that small. Might have been a fluke.

The tabbing order is (for me): Title, Project, Context, Defer date, Due date. Skips the note section, but if I recall, OF! skipped it as well so that is not an issue for me.

Someone may have already mentioned this, but Command-apostrophe bounces you into and out of the notes field in the QE window just like it does in the outline.

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