Quick entry: put into project rather than inbox

Hi, I’d like to use quick entry to capture notes / thoughts and have those kept separate from normal Omni actions. Ideally, there would be a shortcut for normal quick entry to inbox and one for quick entry into a “notes” project or folder.

Is there a way to configure Omni to do that? If not, is there a way to automate moving all items with a given tag or title keyword from the into a separate folder, or at least to reduce that to a single command?

Have you considered creating a folder named “REFERENCE” and a single-actions list named “NOTES”? You could then easily Quick-Capture into your notes container.

Hi, Thank you for the suggestion. How do you quick capture into the notes container? That would require tab-ing and then selecting “notes”? Ideally, I’d like a single command without further selection. The objective is to have something brain-dead simple so that I don’t interrupt my project workflow by thinking about where a given snipped belongs. Just having muscle memory and a shortcut that put the note in the right place.

As an alternative, is there a way to set up my own shortcut to put a quick capture item into a container?

Hi melange,

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think there is a plugin for keyboardmaestro (the ultimate “do-what-you-want-with-a-shortcut”-engine) that includes a function called:

  • OmniFocus Set Project: sets the project of the selected task.

You can find it in the KM-Forum: Link

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Personally, I would use the Quick Capture tool using my normal global shortcut. Yes, I need to tab and file, but it is very efficient.

Example: If I am working and an idea for a note pops in my mind, I simply strike my Quick Capture key… type out my thought… strike tab, type “note”… strike return key.

No thought is lost with this technique.

Not sure if you’ve tried other apps, but while you can technically use OF for miscellaneous notes, I personally use Drafts on macOS for this. With Drafts you can set up a keyboard shortcut to activate a quick capture window (similar to OF’s) and you can enter in some text and it will automatically save to your Drafts inbox. I’ve gotten quite used to this and find it works quite well. I do sometimes find that I end up moving some things from Drafts to OF and vice versa, but I guess that’s how my brain works in the heat of the moment when I’ve got a thought.

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