Quick entry using Applescript not working

omnifocus PRO 3.1 test (v120.1 r319422)

This simple code:

    tell application "OmniFocus"
    	tell quick entry
    		set vtask to make new inbox task with properties {name:"my task", note:"my note text"}
    	end tell
    end tell

render a crash.
Anyone having the same issue?
Thanks in advance.

I should mention that the crash happens if you try to put the task in a project and using any tag. If you just press “save” on the quick entry panel without project or tag then the task is not saved nor the system reports any error. Which is even worse since I’ve been adding task to my inbox not knowing they were ignored and therefore lost for ever.


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Glad it’s not just me (thought I was going crazy). I have an AppleScript that takes selected emails from Mailplane 3, pops a pre-populated OmniFocus 3 quick entry window and then I usually manually select a project. My experience wasn’t a crash, but what you outlined in the second scenario where after hitting “Save” the entry just disappears. Luckily I caught it after about 6 hours after I upgraded to 3.1.

Rolling back to 3.0.1 (v119.18 r318662) solved the problem.

OmniFocus Pro 3.1 v120.2 r319513

I’m getting the same. All my applescripts that send to the inbox via the quick entry are no longer working. I didn’t notice it for a few days either :(

Same exact results with my Outlook script. Also rolled back to 3.0.1

With all these OmniFocus + AppleScript users in one thread, I feel like we should start a user group (or support group for script debugging PTSD). :)

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I also have this same problem, and wasn’t able to find a version of 3 to roll back to. I emailed Omni about it a couple days ago but haven’t heard back yet. I use this AppleScript integration with MailMate. I have a temporary workaround in place, where I edited the script to just put tasks directly into the Inbox, bypassing Quick Entry. This seems to work. See more details here on GitHub:

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I tried your option before I downgraded and it worked for me. Now that I rolled back and have the quick entry back, I actually wonder if I like the direct-to-inbox approach better…

Usually I go through my mail and send a bunch to OmniFocus without switching to OF in between. After that I’ll go to OF and sort and tag and put in projects and tags and such (because I do sometimes do that with the quick entry option, but I couldn’t tab-key into it(*) so I had to change it in OF anyway). Using the direct-to-inbox approach might help with focus. Only when I want to I switch my brain to OF and its projects, and sort the tasks into projects and tags.

Do you have a preference for one or the other?

(*) OK, I did just discover I can change the lay-out of the quick entry window with that eye bottom-left so I can tab into project and tags and such.

I, like you, usually just dump into OF as I process my Inbox, then sort/tag/refine later. So either is ok. I think I have a preference for Quick Entry, because it’s less distracting than seeing the whole OF app. It would be easy enough to just add tasks and not activate OF to resolve that problem, but now because of this recent issue I’d be worried that they were not created properly.

Question for @SupportHumans
Is the issue the Quick entry with AppleScript resolved in the new release OmniFocus 3.1.1?
The release notes do not seem to indicate this.
(useful to know before upgrading from 3.0.1 to this new version)

In this last update (3.1.2 test (v120.5 r320103) it looks like they silently fix it.


From the release notes:

OmniFocus 3.1.2 Test — October 17, 2018

Crash — Fixed a regression where running a script which populated, then opened, quick entry could result in either data loss or a crash.

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I can confirm it’s fixed for me with the 3.1.2 test.


Woohooo! Nice job with the 3.1.2 update OmniNinjas!

How do I get this OF 3.1.2 update? I only have 3.1.1 and am experiencing a LOT of problems.

I asked OF to ignore beta releases when looking for updates. Now I see now way to re-activate the checking for betas routine within OF.

You can download test builds here: https://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/

Once you run a test build, you’ll continue to get test updates until you opt out again.

Great! Many thanks.