Quick Entry Window Tagging Suggestion

If I create an action inside a project that has tags, my action automatically inherits the project’s tags. Great. But if I create an action via the Quick Entry window and specify the project, the new action doesn’t inherit the project’s tags. This makes the Quick Entry window useless to me because I have to go and add the tags myself afterwards.

Would it be possible to change this in a future release? If not, is anyone aware of a script that regularly iterates through projects and ensures all actions in the project are given the project’s tags? Thanks!


I agree this would be helpful.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to submit this request to the Omni Group by dropping them a line at omnifocus@omnigroup.com (or by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu).

Thanks for the advice. Request emailed…

P.S. I signed up to Learn OmniFocus a couple of days ago - enjoying the content. :)


You’re welcome, @dangerousdaze. Thanks for signing up for Learn OmniFocus and great to hear you’re enjoying the content! There’s much more to come.

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I hate to say this, but I would prefer that tags weren’t added automatically. Since there is no way to distinguish a project from a task in perspectives, I use a ‘Project’ tag to identify projects. I also us a tag called ‘In Timing’ so that I can check that all my projects have an equivalent entry in the Timing app. Since both of these tags relate only to projects, I don’t want them automatically copied to all the project’s tasks as I then have to go through and remove them.

Of course, if the filter options were improved to separate ‘projects’ and ‘groups’ then I wouldn’t need the ‘Project’ tag. :-)

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My experience has been the same as yours, except that the inherited tag is applied unless I add additional tag to the new task in Quick Entry. For example, if I create task “Take Joe to the doctor” and assign it to the project “Home” that has the tag “Car”, the new task will be created correctly – in the project “Home” with the inherited tag “Car” applied to the task. However, if I create that same task in Quick Entry but add the tag “Family”, the created task will be in the project and will have the “Family” tag, but will not inherit the “Car” tag.

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I respectfully disagree. The idea that tags inheritance would only take place in certain contexts would be problematic. If I am triaging tasks in the inbox and assign a task to a project that has tags, I would fully expect that task to inherit the tag – that’s the whole point of project tags and inheritance.

I do understand why you’re using the Projects tag – my perspectives are all about tasks as well, so I created a perspective add the “Is not a project or group” filter rule (I’m aware this may be limited to the Pro license). Also, when using the Column layout I list the project; if there’s nothing there, there’s no project (except for the inbox, but nothing leaves my inbox without a project assignment).