Quick Open for iOS/iPadOS

I make great use out of the OF Alfred Workflow on my Mac to quickly jump between projects and perspectives. I’ve just recently gotten an iPad Pro with a keyboard and am trying to get the best use out of OmniFocus for it, and I’d really love for the Mac’s Quick Open to make its way to the iPad to be invokable via a keyboard shortcut.

I know right now, there are ways to use the keyboard to navigate in similar ways, but to get from my inbox to a specific project, my #1 option right now is:

  1. ⌘F to search, then type in my query
  2. ⌘ ⌃2 to go to Remaining
  3. Longpress the project to open the context menu
  4. Select “Go to project.”

With Quick Open, it would be reduced to the first step of this process alone.

I know it’s not a small feature request, but it sure would be valuable! I have others, but in the interest of being a good community member, I’ll split them off into their own threads (and wait to post them a few days).

Hit command-space on your Bluetooth keyboard to invoke spotlight. You can type a perspective name, tag, or project to get OmniFocus related searches.

This is helpful, but unfortunately, it misses anything that is not indexed by Spotlight. I just tested it on three different things and it pulled up only one of the three.

Add shortcuts for the perspectives you want.
Spotlight and siri can activate those, or you can add them to a widget

Works great until iPadOS finally gets feature parity with the mac

Also a helpful suggestion, but doesn’t manage to be as functional overall. A lot of the time, I want to navigate between projects and tags (perspectives would be easier anyway, as they’re just a single button unless I don’t add them to my main menu). Having to manually add each project as a shortcut is simply too laborious, and requires continuous investment of time to clear shortcuts for projects on tags that get retired and add new ones. It’s really a non-starter.

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