Quick Open - no longer automatic? [Resolved, build 207716]

I seem to remember that after auto-complete selection of a Quick Open selection, you were taken straight to the match. Now you have to press enter twice, once to confirm selection, and once to open. Is this deliberate?

I also have this issue. It’s kind of annoying.

@omnifocususer & @bradwright; it sounds like you want to be using “Classic Mode” in General Preferences/Outlining.

With that active, I get the behavior you’re after. Hope this helps!

No. Classic mode was already selected, has been since the beginning of the builds, perhaps you were thinking of Quick Entry instead? Sometime in the last week I noticed the behavior. The latest build fixes this and behavior works correctly as of 207716.

This looks like it’s gone back to the previous, quicker behaviour. Approve!