Quick way to reset checklist items to incomplete

I wonder if any of you clever people can give me a quick way to reset a checklist so that all the items are undone? I’ve started using the Forecast perspective (which I love) as my main view, and to make this work I’ve changed all my checklists so that a repeating task carries a link to an undated checklist. Without this, all of the checklist items appear in the Forecast view making it much too crowded. When I have completed the checklist I have to change the perspective to show completed tasks, select the completed tasks and press the space bar to return them to incomplete. I then have to return to the Forecast perspective and check off the dated repeating task. This works but it’s a 4-step process for something that I do quite a few times throughout the day. One option might be to make the checklists repeat by Defer Until Date so that they appear in the defer section of the Forecast perspective but not in the Due section. However, I like to Show deferred items in the Forecast view so I’d prefer they didn’t appear her. Can anyone advise how I might streamline the process without the checklist details appearing in the Forecast view?

Generally the way I’d suggest to make a quick reusable checklist in this way is the defer-based method you’ve hit upon, but unfortunately it doesn’t work if you like showing deferred items in forecast.

What about making this list have a defer date in the distant past, and having it repeat based on assigned dates with a 1-minute interval? So each time you’d check it off it would move forward one minute, but the defer date would be so far in the past that it wouldn’t clutter up your Forecast?

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That’s a brilliant idea, Dave. :-) Thank you so much. That would certainly work.

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