Quickest way to access the properties of a task with a known id

I have written a few scripts that allow OmniFocus to create Tasks in Outlook, which I prefer as a simple task management view to using OmniFocus. The script I have written collects the task id of the current OmniFocus item (as long as it is a task) and embeds it in the “content” of the Outlook Task, which is an HTML formatted field. It kinda looks like this in context.

snip [omnifocusid=“brG5cEy-9-N”>\r\n] end snip

Anyway, I want to use a script to “complete” the task in Outllook, and simultaneously set the “completed” of the corresponding OmniFocus task to “true”. I parse the ID out of the outlook HTML text, getting something like “brG5cEy-9-N”

However, I can’t seem to find an efficient method of accessing the properties of the OF task via the ID. I figured that given the uniqueness of item IDs, this would be a simple matter. But I can’t find a quick way through the DOM to access the record.

Any useful feedback would be appreciated.

James Haney