Re-editing Latexit equations

I have just started using Latexit to insert equations into OmniGraffle by dragging and dropping equations into my OmniGraffle file. I have two problems:

  1. As soon as I quit Latexit, I am no longer able to edit the equations by double clicking on it. When I double clock I receive an error message saying: “Alert: [object name] is invalid (no connection)”.

  2. I usually need to insert several equations into my omnigraffle file. I was wondering if I can save all equations in one file and then selectively choose the equation that I would like from Latexit and insert it into OmniGraffle.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I use LaTeXiT with a different app (Curio). I have similar issues to what you report in 1). The end result is, the issue may be with LinkBack, not with LaTeXiT. I would be curious to hear what OmniGroup might report in this regard.

As to 2), my suggestion is to create a LaTeX .tex document that holds your equations. Open that, copy from it, and paste in to LaTeXiT as needed.


Yes. Your suggestion for (2) is a good one, though I’m not sure if we can save the formatting (e.g., font size and color) as well. It’s sad that we have issue (1). Having editable equation boxes is the whole point of using LatexIT.

I don’t worry about the exact font size since it is a pull-down menu in LaTeXiT. Changing font sizes inline in an equation is a bracketed command as needed. For color, I use the \color{…}{…} package.

I think LaTeXiT also allows you to store sets of “equation sheets” or style sheets. You could create such with commonly used equations as commands. Alternatively, you could create a style sheet and call it with \usepackage as a common header to your LaTeXiT compile. I have for example something like this in a equations.sty sheet that I \usepackage in my header to LaTeXiT (and my other LaTeX documents)



Yes. That should solve the formatting issue. As for issue (1) this link says dragging and dropping back to LatexIt is the way to do it, however, I am not able to drag and drop from OmniGraffle back to LatexIt.

That post is over two years old. With the evolution of Mac OS and LaTeXiT in this time, I am not surprised that drag+drop may no longer work.

In the meantime, I have posted a request about support for LinkBack.