Re-enabling cable and wifi sync between Mac and iPhone

Am I missing something or am I right in thinking that it’s tragic that one can no-longer sync. via cable or wifi cable between iPhone and Mac.? Only options now seem to be WebDav - which can be costly to implement, or putting peoples’ personal info. on a shared server.

For the sake of the popularity of this useful application, please re-enable. sync between iPhone and Mac by wifi and by cable. Thank you.

Syncing OmniFocus via cable has, as far as I can recall, never been possible.
Syncing to a Bonjour server hosted on your Mac has been discontinued for a combination of technical and support reasons. We have no plans to resurrect it.

Here’s a way to run your own sync server without incurring a large cost:
(I have not personally tested this, but several folks on the forums say it works well for them.)

Here’s a thread with a lot more discussion on the topic:

Sync iphone data to Mac. You can use Coolmuster software to help. It really works great,supports iPhone 4,iPhone 5,iPhone 6.

very nice information .thanks dear.