Re-Order Today's Tasks in Forecast View?

Is it possible to re-order the tasks in the Today panel, (or really any panel), of the Forecast view? I would like to be able to put today’s tasks in the order that I want to deal with them.

I tried dragging & dropping, and it looks kind of like it will work, but all the indicators are red and it doesn’t end up working.

In my totally unscientific look at this (because I don’t have due dates that often) they are grouped by due time, then sorted by project within the time blocks. If you had them all due at 5pm you would need to re-order the projects.

I guess it makes sense they would be ordered by due time. Mine are usually all set for 5PM because I just set a day that I want something done on.

When I get to the day & look at my to-do list for the day I could set due times to put things in the order I want, and add a sense of urgency.