Reading project effort unit conversions through API

Can the OmniPlan4 omniJS API give us (directly or otherwise) the Effort Unit Conversions that are displayed in the Project inspector ?

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 00.01.18

It would be useful, when parsing duration strings for TaskPaper import for example, to automatically read the project settings for

  • hours per day
  • days per week

etc, etc

(I may be failing to spot something in the API document)

One indirect approach to reading these conversion rates for a given schedule seems to be:


Applied to two consecutive days here, we can see it yielding a number of seconds consistent with 8hrs per day:

    new Date('2020-07-20'), 
    new Date('2020-07-21')

//--> {workSeconds: 28800}

I am not sure whether:

  • there is a more direct route to reading these conversion rates,
  • or a way of writing them.

(through the API)