Reasoning behind new icon? [Temporary: indicates in-testing state]

What was the design reasoning behind the new icon for OmniFocus 2? In my opinion it looks completely out of place on the dock. The current style of icons (OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, etc.) looks far better.

We won’t ship with the current icon. It’s specifically meant to differentiate v2 from v1, with a nod towards the not-done-ness the app is in. :-)

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I just upgraded to a test release of Omnifocus Pro 2, and the old “unfinished” icon is back. I think previous test releases did not have this old icon once Omnifocus 2 was released. Is this change to the old icon an intentional thing going forward for all test releases?

This was called out in the release notes. Test releases are using the test variant of the icon to easily distinguish them from final, non-test builds. The final build of 2.0.2 will have the standard icon.

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