Recent documents don’t update in view-only version

I’m using OO for iOS without any in-app purchases, as a viewer only. The Recent Documents screen never shows my recents, just the “Open a document to add it to this view “ message.

Do I really need to buy an in-app purchase to get this basic functionality?

I just tried this myself and it’s showing the documents I opened in reader mode. Do they ever appear in the Recent Documents view? When you open a document, it should briefly appear in that view before it opens the document. Where are the documents stored that you’re viewing?

Yes, that’s true now that I look for it - but they don’t persist. There were recent documents I’ve viewed in the last few days that aren’t listed, just the one I opened now to test is listed.

They are all in Dropbox.

Something is probably invalidating the reference we store to the files then. Due to sandboxing restrictions, we can’t just scan the Dropbox folder for the file if our reference breaks. If you happen to figure out what causes this to happen, we can see if there’s anything under our control we can do about it.