Recurring but Duplicated Tasks

Hi, folks. Getting reengaged with OF 3 on Mac/iPhone/iPad and am coming across a problem I’ve seen before and know is due to something I’m doing wrong.

Bear with me for a full explanation: I’ve set a repeating task, “Put out the dry cleaning,” for Monday and Thursday and put it in a Household Routines project (the project has no recurring setting set). I’ve set the task’s defer date to hide the item until it’s relevant at 5 PM of the due date and also a due date (for the same date) at 9 PM. It’s set to repeat from this item’s Completion.

This morning (Friday) in the Forecast view, I noticed that my Thursday task was rightly marked past due. I also noticed that the task was recurring in my next Monday bucket, again, as I expected.

Here’s the part I don’t understand. When I checked off the Thursday task to mark it completed, the task was then added to the Monday bucket. In other words, now I have two identical tasks telling me to put out the dry cleaning both set for next Monday.

I hope I’m explaining this well. It’s critical for me to get these kinds of things right int he early going with OF or I fear I’ll lose trust in the system and eventually fall off the wagon again.

Appreciate any guidance! Thanks,

– Robert

We might need a little more detail to help here! Are you able to provide a screenshot of the repeat settings for both your Thursday and Monday tasks?

Sure thing! Here it is…

And here’s the view of my Home Routines project after checking off yesterday’s (Thursday’s) edition of the task. Note the duplicate entries for Monday, November 19.

Did you by chance make two copies of this task, one for Mondays and one for Thursdays? If you have one scheduled to repeat on both Monday and Thursday, you won’t need a second copy of the task; you can safely delete one of them, as long as the other is still scheduled to repeat every Monday and Thursday.

Hmm, didn’t think so. I need to experiment more with repeating tasks, I guess. I’ll delete both and try again. For some reason I seem to have a mental block about to use repeating tasks best.

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