Recurring Location Based Task

Hi there,

Would anyone here know if there’s a way to set up a task that remind me to do something every time I leave a place.

eg - If I want to set a reminder to set the alarm in my house every time I leave is this possible?

I have made a location based tag, but can’t think of how to implement the actual task.

Thank you.

The easiest way would be to create a task with no due date, defer date, or recurrence and just not complete it. However if you ever add any other tasks for leaving your house you’ll lose the “one thing appears on my screen” for this.

Personally I use Launch Center Pro for things like this.

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Hi there

Thank you so much. That works like a charm. Seems obvious in retrospect, but that’s retrospect for you!

I created a custom perspective called “On-The-Go”. It shows all available tasks that have these three tags:

  1. Errands
  2. House (Leaving)
  3. Office (Leaving)

I made it a habit to always check the “On-The-Go” perspective before I leave the house or office. I quickly scan for errands that I might want to do if I’m going on a particular route. I also check my location. My two most common locations are House and Office. I add a House (Leaving) and Office (Leaving) tag to any task that I want to do before leaving that location.

A common task that I perform weekly is to bring my kid’s gym clothes every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I set the defer date to every Tuesday and Thursday. When I wake up, I made it a habit to check Forecast and on-the-go.

It’s more about personal responsibility to check on-the-go when I leave the house or office. The Office (Leaving) and House (leaving) Tags have me covered.

I’d love a notification to remind me. But I’ve learned to always see my on-the-go perspective almost every time I leave. It took a few weeks for the habit to stick but it was worth it.

Thank you also for this really informative post. And I really do agree, that in truth it’s the habit I need to cultivate, not the reliance on the tool.

I just keep forgetting that alarm!

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For things like this I like to have the task set to repeat one minute/hour later. That way I don’t have to be burdened by having to remember not to complete the task.