Recurring Projects with Non-Recurring Tasks

Hello Everyone,

I have a biweekly meeting that I set up in OmniFocus 2 as a recurring project. When an issue pops up that needs to be discussed at the meeting I like to throw a task in that project so I remember to discuss it. The problem I’m having is when I complete the tasks and/or the meeting, all the tasks from the previous week are still in the project. Is there a way to have a recurring meeting but the tasks for the project to be non-recurring without deleting the tasks?

Thanks for the help.

The way I work through this issue is to have certain recurring actions or action groups for the meeting (discuss agenda with Mark, print agenda, etc) in my monthly project of recurring actions, but have a separate, Single Action project for “Meeting X Agenda” that is not repeating but can, itself, have repeating actions if needed.

I do something similar. If I have something for that meeting, I create a task with the meeting title at the beginning of the task name and add it to my Agendas context.

Ex: “Mastermind: Progress in website build”

I’ve developed a habit of checking my Agenda context before every meeting and phone call.

I do this using Chris Sauve’s Templates.scpt in the following manner:

  1. In my templates folder, I create a Template project named, for example, “Carry out Bi-weekly meeting”. This has all the normal tasks that you’d have in the recurring project, plus you can add optional tasks or variables that get decided at run time.
  2. In the appropriate folder, I make a recurring task labelled “Create a new Bi-weekly meeting project” or what-have-you. This just prompts you to hit the button in the toolbar to make a new project. (Or, you can have the last task on the last “Bi-weekly meeting” project be “Spawn the next meeting project”.)
  3. When the “Spawn next meeting project” task comes up, click the button, make a new project, and complete the “Spawn” task. Add tasks to the new project as you see fit, content that the next meeting will be built from the project in your templates folder.
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