Recurring tasks using assigned days

I hope I can explain this question well enough…

I’ve returned to OmniFocus after a period away because I’m finding tags more useful along with the more robust repeating tasks regime. It’s this last aspect that’s puzzling me.

I’ve got a whole bunch of annual tasks that don’t use fixed dates, let’s say things like: order a Christmas tree on the last Friday in November. What I’ve found with these is that because I can’t setup a recurrence to start from a specific date all of these tasks are bunched-up at the end of September!

For example, as task that deferred until 17-Aug-2019 and due 31-Aug-2019 is appearing in my forecast for 28-Sept-2018 and I don’t know why.

Is there any way I can review these and resolve it? I have access to both iOS and Mac OS versions at ‘Pro’ levels.

It sounds like you might have set the repeat for the last day of every month.

I just tried the Christmas tree example and it seems to be working correctly for me (nothing showing up in September). I created a new action, deferred it to the last Friday of November 2018 (I selected it manually), then set the repeat for 12 months, repeating on the last day of the month repeating from the assigned date.

Just for reference, here’s an example of one of my entries that’s appearing in my 28-September forecast view.

Are there any settings on the project this is in? I.e. is the project due then? Is the project sequential and the item after it is due then?

Fantastic - thank you! That was exactly it.