Relative Dates and Repeating Single Actions Projects (Feature requests)

I thought I’d share this here for public comment as well as sending them to

I’ve been using OmniFocus since 1.0 and regularly use both iOS and Mac. There are a few things that I’d like to request.


I feel like I spend an excess of effort adjusting Due and Defer Until dates.

I’d like to be able to specify the dates in a relative format instead of as an exact time. For example, Defer Until “24 hours before this task is due.”

If the due date is then changed, the defer should automatically be adjusted, eliminating tedious manual synchronization.

I think this would also be helpful to be able reference the project. Due: “3 days before project is due”

Then, if I change the due date on the project, the due date on the task would automatically change.

I think this better would better capture my intent when I set the date in order to communicate that intent to my future self. The UI should retain and show the relative information, this should not just be a shortcut to picking a date.


When you mark a single actions project complete, both the completed and uncompleted tasks are created again in the new project as uncompleted tasks.

I would suggest that for repeating single action projects, completed tasks should NOT be created again in the new project.

For example, if I create a “Next Meeting” project that repeats weekly and add preparatory or agenda items to the meeting project, when I indicate that the project is complete, OmniFocus reschedules all of those completed items for next week. I’d like to have a new empty project for the next occurrence to start creating tasks for. Or to push forward the uncompleted items to the next meeting project.

Parallel and sequential projects should retain their current behavior.


Please add a notes field to each tag. I would use it primarily to record why the tag is paused.

Thank you for producing a great product,



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