Relative rotation not working on line label

I have always been able to attach text labels to lines and have them rotate when the line is rotated. Today I started a new document and that no longer seems to work. I tried copying a line from another document and pasting it into my new one, and the label rotation works OK on that one. I’ve tried turning relative rotation on and off for the new label but it doesn’t make any difference. I feel I must be missing something really obvious!

OmniGraffle 6.6.2
Mac OS 10.12.6 on MacBook Pro (15" 2010)

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Did you see any difference in the attributes for the one that moved vs the one that did not?

Just a guess, but maybe default setting got altered?

Just tried with 7.17.5 and I cannot get text to rotate with line right now. I even checked vs eMail from Lanette to ensure the setting were the same but text stays put and line rotates. I will keep checking. Very weird though.

It works fine with a shape (relative and absolute) but not working with a line label. Hmm…

The only way I can get text to rotate with the line is if it is not a line label. I create the line, add text (can fill background so it acts similar to a label), then group the line and label. Now everything rotates together

Can’t see any difference in the attributes between a line created in a new document (whose label will not rotate with the line) and a line pasted in from an older document (whose label will rotate with the line).

My workaround is to paste in a line from an older file and just keep duplicating it to make the line I need. But it would be nice if things worked like they’re supposed to (and used to).

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I would like to find the difference because I cannot get to work in 7.17 right now either. I’ve got to be missing something.