(relatively minor) gripe concerning appearance of topics in the forum


I realize this is kind of a minor gripe in the larger scheme of things, but I do find it really annoying. I’ve tried to tolerate it, but I’m just managing stoicism. ;)

When reading through this forum, which I routinely will do once - three times daily, I use the “New” selector (selecting all categories first) - and then I use the “Unread” selector. Having done that, I am reasonably assured I’ve read all of the new posts and also all updated posts. So far, so good.

Where I am troubled - and (yes, I admit it…) annoyed, is in reviewing the “Latest” posts and the “Top” posts. Those posts will display in a list with some of the posts showing in normal type and others showing in a lighter gray type. I’ve reasoned that the lighter gray posts are supposed to signify what is unread. The problem is that quite a few posts show in normal type, even though I have definitely read them. This I know because I always review the “Latest” and/or “Top” sections last, after having caught up on my reading. If I take the additional step of clicking into a normal type post and then clicking back to “Latest” (or “Top”) then sure enough the post shows in a lighter weight.

As I said, this is relatively minor in the larger scheme of things, but it bugs me nonetheless (the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem, ;) ) - can you please contact Discourse and ask what’s up?

Note: This happens with the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of Safari. I run Mavericks, 10.9.2 Thanks for indulging me. :)

I’m still puzzling out the lighter vs darker titles myself. Funny, I thought the darker titles were the unread ones.

I did discover that you can adjust how it decides which threads to include in those tabs in your preferences.

I’m having trouble finding end user documentation for Discourse, possibly because they’re still in beta?

The default in Preferences seems to be to show posts as new if they’re less than 2 days old (odd choice, to my mind). You can choose “since you were last here” and “you haven’t viewed them yet”, among other options

The light grey topics are ones you’ve looked at, but whose windows weren’t open long enough for Discourse to decide that you’re “done” with them.

I have convinced myself that turning the “automatically track topics” preference down from 4 minutes to 2 minutes has made them rarer, but that may just be my mind playing tricks on me. :-)