Release date for OmniFocus2 for iPad? [A: Now available!]

Hi, I’m just getting into the regime of using omni focus2 on my iPhone. Though, it’s a bit on the small screen size… Debating whether to buy the mac version, though with my house about to turn into a building site in a couple of months time… I’d much prefer my 2nd copy to be on my ipad… It’d be a lot easier to walk around the building site with. And as I’m hoping to use it as my main idea and issue recording during the build I’m wondering whether it’s going to turn up before my builders ;)

Any hints you can drop?

Hi Simon! You might be interested in this tweet from our CEO – at the moment, that’s all the information we can provide. Hope that helps!

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That’s great. Thanks!

(Tweaked the title of the thread by removing the reference to WWDC 2014; it was a few months before the thread was started, so I thought folks might find it confusing.)

Any price ideia?

Thanks for checking! This blog post includes information - including pricing - on the new features in both the new version of the app and in the new optional Pro upgrade. Hope it helps!

Edit: Whoops, linked to the OmniGraffle post rather than the OmniFocus one; fixing!