Release date of omnifocus 3.4 [out now!]

is there an estimated date for the release of v3.4?

Not a public one. Are you waiting for s particular feature or just wondering?

I was really just wandering I have a shortcuts automation that does not work and i was hoping that the new version would fix it.

thanks for the reply

Is there something in particular that makes you think it is an issue with OmniFocus? Was it working previously? Is it one that broke with the Shortcuts update?

Oh no everything works ok i was just wandering if the next version of OmniFocus might handle date differently.

when i create a shortcut with a due date in a variable the template fails

see example below
Taskpaper To OmniFocus

thanks a lot for your help.

I find that “5 November” works but “5th of November” or “5th November” don’t (without quotes)

Is there any ship blocker major bug in v3.4? iOS13 (iPadOS) was released 2 months ago with the “split view” feature which would improve the productivity and the user experience in case of OmniFocus too. Since all other OmniGroup products support iOS13 and the “split view”, I am wondering when will v3.4 be released?

Adopting multiple windows in OmniFocus was a massive amount of work. The update is out today: