"Remaining" count wrong?


In both the Mac and iOS clients I keep seeing counts that are screwy under various tags.

For example, I have a tag which is my spouse’s name for holding things I need to discuss with her. At this moment, it says “[name] 9 items” on my Mac, but when I expand the list – even with All selected – I see only 7 things. And only 4 of them remain to be done; the others are complete. If I change to Remaining, it says “6 remaining”, but only shows the 4 which (correctly) are remaining.

In iOS, I see the exact same lists and same (wrong) counts.

Is there some preference/option I may have selected which is leading me astray here?


(I am learning so please pardon questions if they are stoopid ;-)

Which page are you using to view the items? Are you on the Tags perspective?

What option do you have set on the Tags Inspector? (First Available, Available, Remaining, or All?)

If I’m remembering correctly, the counts include tagged projects and groups whether or not “In Tags and Flagged: Exclude projects and groups” is checked in the OF Preferences under Organization.


Thanks! That was the source of the confusion.

Thanks, deaghean’s answer was the key. But to answer you, I was using the Tags perspective, and regardless of the option I chose (first available, etc.) it seemed to be wrong. It was wrong because I was excluding projects.

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