Remind me: how to label lines

I’ve owned OmniGraffle for many years. I don’t use it often, and every time I drag it out and dust it off I’m confronted with the same problem: how to label lines.

It seems like in the old days I could just double-click a line and the label would appear for editing.

I believe there’s a way to do it but I can’t remember it or find it in the docs. Could you refresh my memory, please? And why is this so hard? It seems like the commonest of functions. (Idea: how about an “edit label” item on the contextual menu for an object?)

Extra credit: where are the settings for determining where on a line the label is positioned?

Seems like your setting is to “add a midpoint” when you double click on a line. This behavior can be changed in the Preference > Drawing Tools > Line Editing.

However, without changing your setting, you can add a label quickly by holding down the “Opt” key while you double-click on the line.

Label will always go to the midpoint of the line (seems like it). You can always move it around by dragging the label or selecting the label and move it with your arrow-keys


Thanks for the solution; if it’s in the docs, it seems to be well hidden. I’ve changed the setting in Preferences.

I found that the label appears at the point on the line where you double-click, not at the center.

Can you submit the idea of a “Edit Label…” contextual menu item as a RFE?

Thanks John - huge help!

This still works in 2019!