Reminders App and OF

I can see some items from OF into my Reminders app on my iPad, but I have no idea how they would have gotten there. My OF syncs with the OF server and Reminders with iCloud. But the more important question for me is how to get rid of them from the Reminders app without deleting them in OF. I will appreciate your suggestions.

A great place to understand a bit more about how Reminders work with OmniFocus is including some of the limitations to consider. If there are reminders you no longer need in the Reminders app, it should be safe to remove them without impacting your OmniFocus tasks.

If you want to be extra careful before making changes, we recently added the ability to manually create a backup on iOS. If you have the latest version of OmniFocus for iOS, you can now go to into Backups under Settings, and manually take a backup before making any changes so that you can restore it if any mistakes happen. If automatic backups are on, there will be a daily backup.

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