Reminders - importing OmniFocus tasks to Reminders?

I’m looking for a quick and painless way to have certain tasks from OmniFocus in Reminders.
The purpose it to have them in BusyCal.

Any ideas?

The only tasks that will transfer over to Apple Reminders are those with a due date and will occur within the next 2 weeks. Anything with a due date later than 2 weeks won’t transfer over.

I think the reasoning may have been that Apple Reminders is a lightweight to-do list and isn’t really meant to hold a massive number of to-dos.

Did you see the preferences panel? It has settings to create that will create an OS X calendar that will house the OmniFocus due tasks. BusyCal will see the OS X calendar.

BusyCal or iCal see them with the settings you mentioned but in that form:

which is also impossible to edit or do anything with it (in BC and iCal)

And I don’t think the option in OmniFocus ▸ Preferences ▸ Subscribe is for appearing tasks in Reminders. It just creates a calendar inside iCal and shows the tasks from OmniFocus. Non-editable, etc.

I’m looking for something similar and have found this:

However it gives an error message in the current version of OF2…

I gave up with this, especially I don’t want to see all the tasks in iCal.

I have a script which works for me with the combination of Keyboard Maestro.

After I create a task

with a shortcut key I set up the due date and the duration

Then with a shortcut I launch the script, which adds an icon to the OF task indicating this is also in the iCal

And then the task is in iCal

In the future, I would want to add some more customization, for example:

  • the first line in the notes in the OF task indicates the number of reminders
  • the 2nd line indicates the location
  • a shortcut, which finds the fitting event in iCal and removes it from iCal if it is cancelled, following removing the icon, etc.

KM = Keyboard Maestro
OF = OmniFocus

@kamil Can you please share the script you are using for this?

The link is below. If you like this script, definitely check out the topic below. There is a very useful discussion:

The ways to use Estimated Time in OmniFocus 2 ▸ Tips & Discussion:

Thank you for the link, I was looking for a way to have OmniFocus sync to two different contexts for shopping lists and have one reminders list always go into a context or a project so I could shares lists with my wife and family since OmniFocus still can’t do that feature yet.