Remove Omnipresence icon from Menu Bar

Hi there - anyone know if there’s a way to remove the Omnipresence icon from the menu bar while still having it be operating? Real estate up there is at a premium on Macbooks with a notch, and it crowds out other important informational icons (iStat menus, etc). I want to be able to use Omnipresence, but I don’t need that icon ever present!



As far as I know there is no option built into OmniPresence to remove the menu bar icon. You could use a 3rd pary utility like Bartender to keep your menu bar clean.


Thanks svenl for the suggestion - I’ll try Bartender! Seems like that might be a good thing to have anyway - The Macbooks with the notch don’t have a lot of space up there.

I’ve also ran into this issue on my MBP and I have been using Vanilla: Vanilla - hide Mac menu bar icons for free


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