Remove perspectives from sidebar

HI guys,

I have 3 perspectives that are all the same that I cannot remove from the sidebar. Its driving me nuts.

Support are working on it, but I wondered if anyone else had this problem. See below.

What I did was star the perspective and it showed up in the sidebar. But when I deleted it without removing the star, it stayed there. Support told me to recreate it and then remove it first before deleting it. When I did this, i just kept getting another version of the perspective in the sidebar.

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Sorry for the bug!

Try opening the Perspectives window and dragging your perspectives into a different order. (You can put them back in the original order afterwards.)

Does that help?

I reported this bug a few builds ago, but I didn’t have as much of a problem with them staying in the sidebar…for me I just:

  • Selected another perspective (inbox for example) > Quit OmniFocus > Opened OmniFocus.

The starred/deleted perspectives were no longer in the sidebar for me. I hope that helps!


Thanks for the responses. Ken’s suggestion didn’t work and I had some feedback from support but I installed the new build today and its all fixed for now. :)