Removing email signature text

This seems like it should be an easy thing to do…
I populate omnifocus extensively from my exchange server email client outlook via the omnifocus email address method.
However, this results in my email signature being included in all the notes of my omnifocus tasks and making it all very messy.

Work around
Is there a way to search for a multiline text string (i.e. the email signature) and replace it with 0 characters (i.e. deleting it)

Product enhancement
specify the signature file text in the omnifocus settings and this text is eliminated from the database in the background or during cleanup.

Any help would be great please!

Chris Suave’s Naming script is the best I have found for renaming. You can leave the replacement string blank to simply delete the found string.

He’s got other great scripts, like the massively helpful Templates script that makes OmniFocus full of win for me.

When we were temporarily adding an extra string to captured reminders, one of our engineers wrote up a script for removing that string; it’s posted in this thread:

You’d need to adjust the script to account for your email signature, but I think it should work for you.

OmniFocus also offers Find and Replace capabilities via ⌘F, and pasting a multiline string into the Find String field seems to work ok there.

I hope this helps!

I went to go file your enhancement request and found some evidence that if the signature is separated from the mail body by "-- " (dash dash space at the beginning of a line), we strip it automatically already. Does that work for you?