Removing Old Backup OmniFocus Files


Is it safe to delete “OmniFocus Backup Document” file which is taking 4.8 GB? And where is that document stored by default?

Backstory: I need to clean up space on my computer once more. From About This Mac, I can see that 113 GB are occupied by “Other” type of documents. Disk Inventory X shows that I have 4.8 BG of “OmniFocus Backup Document”.


I found where the file is stored:
Library > Containers > OmniGroup.OmniFocus2 > Data > Library > Application Support > OmniFocus > Backups

I am running the latest version of OF (3.5), so I assume I can delete these old backups. Most of them are from 2018. But there some files I am not sure about:
OmniFocus Before Migrating Database on 2018…