Removing Old Backup OmniFocus Files

Is it safe to delete “OmniFocus Backup Document” file which is taking 4.8 GB? And where is that document stored by default?

Backstory: I need to clean up space on my computer once more. From About This Mac, I can see that 113 GB are occupied by “Other” type of documents. Disk Inventory X shows that I have 4.8 BG of “OmniFocus Backup Document”.

I found where the file is stored:
Library > Containers > OmniGroup.OmniFocus2 > Data > Library > Application Support > OmniFocus > Backups

I am running the latest version of OF (3.5), so I assume I can delete these old backups. Most of them are from 2018. But there some files I am not sure about:
OmniFocus Before Migrating Database on 2018…

bumping up. I really need to free space on my computer.

These are the last 100 backups created by OF2 when you were using it. In addition, I think there is a ‘OmniFocus Before Migrating Database…’ backup created — and never deleted — each time there is an update to the database structure to support new features; I have several from the last few years.

If you have been running OF3 since without issues and are certain you won’t need to check or restore those old backups, I’d say you can certainly delete them (or keep only the last OF2 backup file).

My guess is that you stored a lot of attachments in your OF, which made the backups large. I have very few attachments and my backup files are all less than 2 MB in size.

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Thank you. Indeed, I have a ton of attachments. So I guess I have to get into the habit of deleting old backups/

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