Rename objects won't rename in sidebar

Omnigraffle 7.2.2
I’m pretty new to Omnigraffle, it’s my second document.

If I create a new text object and I type something, the text will appear in that object as well as in the layers sidebar.

If I replace the text in that object, it won’t replace it in the layers and vice versa !



It sounds like you are expecting the layer sidebar and the outline sidebar to behave the same, but they have different purposes. If you want to create new graphics for your diagram by making a diagram hierarchy where the label matches the topic name, use the outline sidebar. If you want to move objects to another layer, canvas, or create more layers/canvases or move content between them, use the layer sidebar. More information about the different sidebars is available at There is a tutorial to help you get started as quickly as possible at which may help clarify when it is useful to use which sidebar.

If you want the name of your layer or canvas to appear in the diagram itself, you can use a data variable to create a text label that will stay in sync with your naming changes to a layer or canvas outside of the Outlining sidebar. If we can answer any questions feel free to email us at We are happy to help!