Reoccurring tasks appearing twice in one day

Hi there. I’m enjoying OmniFocus having purchased it last month.

I have set up a number of repeating tasks. When I look at the forward calendar they appear once; but by the time that day rolls around they appear twice in the day. Can anyone point to what I’m doing incorrectly? Thanks

Only thing I can think of is the repeat is set for twice a day (every 12 hours). Would you be able to list some of the settings from the Inspector? You might also ask in the other forums (for Mac and general); someone there might have seen the same issue.

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Can you post a screenshot of the today screen?

It might be the action is tagged with the today screen tag, as well as due that day?

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IThanks all! Here is a screen shot it today.

Physio appears twice. It happens with other reoccurring tasks

Hope these uploads work. Thanks for your help.

Here is the task

Is the repeat set to “completion”?

And how’s the timing set for the Today view?

Is your “Physio exercises” task nested under “Start up routine”? If so, I imagine the problem is both of those being set to repeat.

I’ve had this before when I inadvertently marked a completed repeating task as incomplete and then completed it again - this caused me to have two identical tasks.

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Right. This could be the issue. Did you just delete the task and start over?

Thanks deaghean! No- it’s not unfortunately.

Hi Janov. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s not set to completion- it your question did make me check 🙂

I deleted one of them and that was it, no duplicates :)

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