Reordering items on Omnifocus Web

Is there a way to easily reorder projects (e.g. add to folders) and reorder items on a list?

As Omnifocus for Web is my ‘primary driver’ in the office, at the moment I’m having to jump back to iOS to do this.

Otherwise OF Web is far easier for adding new tasks, particularly as adding detail in notes is far better than doing it manually on an iPhone.


Did you receive any guidance on this?

I thought that surely you’d be able to drag and reorder projects in the Web app but I can’t seem to figure it out.



Not going to create a new discussion although this one does not seem very active.
Here is the email I just sent to Omnigroup Support - will keep you posted


I am an omnifocus full member and getting to know the software that I find very useful.

Although I am struggling with reordering items (projects, tags or actions in a sequential project for instance) on the Web version.

The Web version is my main interface but I find myself reaching for my iPhone just in order to sort items the way I want them.

Is there any way to do that in the Web version? How?

If not, is that a feature that the dev team has on its roadmap? When?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,


I think Ken Case has said that they will be implementing this at some point. Similarly, I can’t seem to be able to reorder tasks in the Tags perspective. However, if I create my own perspective for a specific tag, I can reorder those tasks.

Right. Drag and Drop isn’t there. Else I’d probably live out of the Web View.