Repeat Every with built in Deferment

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is possible or not, but here’s what I’m trying to do (if it’s not possible I’ll send in a request).

Short Version
Can a task set with “repeat every” automatically be deferred until a certain time before the due date?

Long and Overly Dramatic Version with Exciting Examples
Let’s say that I need to do something with a firm due date every two weeks - say, call my long-lost lover and plead for her return. This is firmly due every two weeks (say, on Friday night at 10pm when I realize I’m all alone in this world).

Let’s say that I want the 10pm to stay steady each time as a due date, even if I complete the call early or late on any individual week. I believe that this limits me to using “Repeat Every”; “defer again” would not have a due date [and would be based on the completion time, not 10pm itself], and “due again” would be based on when I complete the task each time and would thus could move away from 10pm.

[Do correct me if I’m wrong so far, as I just started learning all this stuff - powerful, but confusing at first!]

Here’s the problem: using “Repeat every” seems to make it appear immediately after I complete it (albeit with the correct due date attached). However, being in heartache over my love once again refusing my call, I hardly want to see a reminder that I have to wait two weeks to try again. I can manually defer it each time to not show up again until, say, the Thursday beforehand each time, but is there an automatic way to do this?

I hope that’s all clear, please let me know if I’m ambiguous and I’ll try to be more specific.

Thank y’all very much!

If you use the Repeat Every scheme, and the original item has both a defer and a due date, OmniFocus should copy both dates out and adjust them by the repeat interval when you check it off.

So, if your “Call my love” task is originally due Friday at 10pm, but deferred until Friday at 5pm (when the ennui of another weekend alone begins to set in), you can make the call, then check off the task. It should get duplicated, and its new defer date will be 5pm on the Friday two weeks out.

You can double-check that this will happen by looking in the inspector – the defer date on the next repeat iteration should be computed and previewed for you in the Next Deferred field. Take a look at this Monday-Wednesday-Friday repeating task that I have in my own database:

I’ve done this task already today (Monday the 7th), so its current defer and due dates both fall on Wednesday the 9th. As such, the next time I check it off, the following repeat will have both a defer and due date on Friday the 11th.

If you’re not seeing this behavior, and OmniFocus is just serving as a constant reminder of your heartache, our support team is standing by to ease your pain – shoot us an email to let us know about the misbehavior.


Ah, that is a brilliant way to go about it - I hadn’t even thought it would be built-in like. Kudos to Omnigroup for coding it like, and thank you for the help :).

Sounds like this may be a partial answer to my “repeat a project every two weeks” question.