Repeat items get duplicated

I’m experiencing a bug that I can’t figure out how to get around. I have a few Repeat todo items. They all repeat one day later. The problem begins when I click on a repeated item and then change my mind and then click it again to activate it again. Then it creates two todo items the following day. Then, it is nearly impossible for me to figure out how to get rid of these duplicates. The system keep over writing itself, and having a sync between two devices also doesn’t help the matter. Is this a bug or is there a way I can fix this?

In my experience, if you use undo instead of clicking it again you don’t run into the problems with the duplicates.


Morning, I have also had problems with duplicate daily repeats. I think my problem is caused by the lack of syncing between devices.

If I compete an item in my iPhone, then see the same uncompleted item on another device I find I cannot remember whether I did already mark it complete. Choices at this stage are

1, go back to first device to check and perhaps force it to sync, or
2, mark it as completed on the second device, just to be sure - This is when I think a duplicate is created.


I’ve been getting the same error. It seems to happen both when I unclick a task and when I use undo. It’s a weird and annoying bug.

I see the same problem on my iPad. OmniFocus on Mac and iPhone look fine.

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