Repeat option like Apple Reminder app


I like to track items in OmniFocus for positive reinforcement and just track daily tasks.

Is there a way to set up repeats so they behave like Apple Reminder repeats, where if you don’t do it for a week (or whatever) it doesn’t generate a task for everyday you missed .

Set a task for Dec 1st, 2014, that repeats daily.

OmniFocus way:
If you don’t do anything on Dec 5th through 10th, when you check off Dec 5th it creates a Dec 6th, once that’s checked it creates a Dec 7. So if I miss 5 days I need to check off every day I missed. (or go in disable repeat, then re-enable it)

Apple Reminder way (soft repeat):
If you don’t do anything on Dec 5th through 10th, when you check off Dec 5th it creates a Dec 11th and you keeps moving forward.

I’d see benefits in each approach, and I’d like a way to do both ways in OmniFocus, the question is, is there a way to do what I call “soft repeating”?


This is absolutely possible. In OmniFocus speak, this is, rather than a scheduled repeating event, looked at as “Defer Another” set to one day.

In other words, instead of scheduling something to be due every day and getting the behaviour you describe above, instead the task would create another version of itself deferred out by one day every time the task is completed.

Hope that makes sense - enjoy!


Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it or there’s a bug. See attached pic.

  • I scheduled for the 14th
  • On the 16th I checked the 14th as done, which generated another on the 14th
  • Icheck the 2nd one on the 14th and it creates a new one of the 15th
  • I check the one on the 15th which creates a second one on the 15th

So this is creating double the events :-)

That’s weird, that’s entirely counter to the documented behaviour in the manual. I wonder if it’s because the repeats were changed on it? Did you try making a new task from scratch?

Otherwise, I don’t know what to say. I’d email in a bug report, I guess, unless anyone else knows something about this.



Definitely weird , I’ll submit a ticket to Support.

I’m looking for a solution to a similar challenge I’m having. I have a single Evernote note that I have a Classic Link to, embedded in an OF Reminder. I tap that when on Mac or iOS, and it takes me to that note that I need to see every morning.

I was stepping outside of OF just for this reminder, because I prefer (for this application only) how the Apple Reminders function - regardless of whether I “complete” the task or not, it will come up at the same time every morning. However, somewhere along the way (maybe iOS 9…not sure), the Evernote classic link no longer works in the note section of the Apple reminder.

So, since the EN Classic Link DOES work in OF, I’m back to trying to make this work in OF. I just want this reminder to repeat every day, I don’t want a new Reminder necessarily created, but most importantly…if I don’t check complete, I still need this reminder coming up every morning. Am I missing something? Thanks