Repeat task every week, but only for certain days of the week

I know that this is basic, but repeating tasks never seem to do what I want. In this case, I just want a task to reappear one week after I last did it, and become available a few days before that. I have this:

and at this time
I click “Complete” and I get this,
which is scheduled for one week after the scheduled completion date, not the actual completion date. What am I doing wrong?

I figured this out. Sorry to reply to my own post, but I think I’ll leave this up for others in case that this is a general issue (and change the title so others can find it).
The problem is that I have “repeat every week” + days of week indicated. It seems that OmniFocus is not smart about the interaction of these two. In the case shown above, I want to do the task on Fridays, and since Friday is more than one week away, OF schedules the next task for this Friday (which sort of makes sense).
However, if you set the available days as MoTuWeThFr, OF will schedule the task for tomorrow (Thursday) rather than next Weds (1 week away).
This seems like a bug. Should I report it?

Every week + day means “on day of every week”, whereas “every day, a, b, c” is on days a, b, and c of the week - as far as I can remember this is how it has always worked.

So, here is the issue, rosemaryjane. I have a task that I want to do every week, or so, from the last completion date. I can do that task MoTuWeThFr. It was due yesterday (Tu). I complete the task, and it is rescheduled for tomorrow, not next We. Try it. It seems to me like a bug, but I can be educated on that issue :)

That’s because you have repeat from completion rather than due date ;)

Sorry, rosemaryjane, your reply is too terse for me to follow. I want the next occurrence to be scheduled about a week from completion, on a MoTuWeThFr. That is not consistent with rescheduling for tomorrow, when today is a Wednesday, which is what OF does. If I had it rescheduled from due date, and I didn’t do the task for two weeks, then it would be scheduled in the past, which is certainly not what I want.

There are two options for repeat actions.

Repeat based on when you complete the action. So an action with a repeat of every 7 days which you actually complete on a Wednesday will reappear the following Wednesday.

The other option is to repeat based on when the action should have been completed. Using the same 7 day repeat. If the due date is Monday and you complete the action on a Wednesday the new action will schedule for 7 days from when it should have been done. In this case next Monday.

Hi PhilRob. I played with this more and figured out the issue.

When I clicked weekly + highlighted some “Days of Week” I thought it would give me “weekly, but only on the days highlighted”, but what it gives is “every week, on all the days highlighted.”

So if I highlighted just Friday, and completed it on Thursday, the next occurrence would be the next day, not next week Friday as I expected.

And if I highlighted MTWTF, and I completed it on Weds, the next occurrence would be the next day, Thursday, not the following Weds, one week later, which is what I intended.

I’m not sure that I like how this is designed, but I see that “every 7 days” fits my needs just fine, instead of “weekly.”

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