Repeat tasks perspective

I would like to see all tasks in my system which are scheduled to repeat, for maintenance.

Anyone knows how I could do that in OF3? I do not see this condition in the perspectives.

Unfortunately there isn’t a build in way to do that with perspectives. My workaround is that I keep all my repeating routine tasks in a folder and tag them with a tag “🌀” that I can then use in perspectives.

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I agree it would be useful to have a perspective rule to filter on repeating tasks.

You can identify them with an Omni Automation script. For example, in the Automation Console, the following command will return all remaining tasks which are set to repeat:

rptTasks = flattenedTasks.filter(t=>t.repetitionRule && ![Task.Status.Completed, Task.Status.Dropped].includes(t.taskStatus))

You will probably have too many to see the whole list, so you could tag them. If you have a tag called repeats, add it to the tasks with:

myTag = "repeats"
rptTasks.forEach(t => t.addTag(flattenedTags.byName(myTag)))

Then you can filter on those with normal perspective rules.


I stole your idea and made myself a plugin:


thanks, I am afraid I lack knowledge of automation and programming, but I’ll learn soon.

thank you, <i’ll try

Good stuff.

@jmpval Paul has made a full plug-in. You only need to save his repeatTag.omnifocusjs file package to your Mac and double-click on it to install it in OF.

If you go here: GitHub - psidnell/ofplugins

Then here:

Download and open the zip, double-click on repeatTag.omnifocusjs, and OmniFocus will offer to install the plugin.

When that’s done you can run it from the Automation menu or customise your task bar and drag it up there.

The plugin requires that you select a task, project or folder and it should apply/clear the “♻️” tag (which it creates) to any repeating tasks/projects.

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