Repeatedly ask me to input password for sync

OmniFocus 3.0.1 (v119.18 r318662)
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5

I renamed the old OmniFocus v2 to “OmniFocus 2” and installed the OmniFocus v3 as “OmniFocus” on my mac.

Every time I open OmniFocus 3, I will be asked to input the password for the server sync. Is it a bug or I am the only person who has this problem?

I had the same problem, when the dialog box pops up to sign in, type the password, but before you hit enter, look at the dialog box, it has a few choices. As I don’t get the dialog box any more, I can no longer tell you the exact words, but one of them is to always use this password, or not to ask again or something. Make sure to click on that instead of just hitting enter

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I had the same problem, it bothers me.

This problem still exists.

I am having this issue wtih Omnifocus v3.12.2 (v149.17.43). It asks twice, usually when I wake up the Macbook in the morning. The dialog is sitting there waiting for me. I enter the password, and then I am prompted again with the same dialog. I enter the password again, and I am good for the day. This has been happening daily for quite some time now.

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Happening for me too about twice a week recently. Mac Monterey.

Here the same. It happens since Monterey and specially after waking up the MacBook. I keep ignoring the dialog as just restarting the OF helps. Nevertheless it’s annoying and need to be confirmed and fixed.

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I have the same issue. It always asks twice and after I enter the sync password the second time, everything is fine. Annoying, though.


No, you’re not the only people having the same problem. I guess it can be a kind of security measure, but it’s really annoying. And as I see, no one found the solution. It’s a pity though.

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Yep mine is the same story. Always twice and then it works. It seems like the sort of thing which should just be remembered.

I just noticed a second dialog when exiting OF in this situation.
It tells that it is updating the security token. After this it is working again.
Wish OF would follow the problems that are being discussed here and give a statement.

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I could solve it with the ‘always allow’ option in the dialog that asks you fpr the password (twice). But I also un-installed OF2 and just left OF3 12.2 in my Mac / Monterey, so I’m not sure which did the trick.

I also get this dialog twice but it’s just a password field without the ability to check additional options to remember the password. I don’t have OF2 installed.