Repeating 1 month actually repeats 30 days

Hi there!

When choosing to repeat a task every 1 month, it seems that it actually repeats every 30 days (which is only sometimes 1 month). Does anyone know if Omnifocus can actually repeat on the same day every month?

(On the side—why does it include a “next due date” 4 days before the next defer date, when I never set a due date to begin with?)



What happens when you select one of S M T W T F S immediately above ‘Next Deferred:’?

In fact October 27 is a month from September 27; and also 30 days - because September has only 3 days, so 3 + 27 = 30.

The way I understand the two dates (Deferred and Due) is like this: the Next Due is the next date on which OF knows it has to complete the task… which I think is correct in your case: 30 days/1 month from September 27. After that it defers the next one until the day before you asked it to, 2017-10-01.