Repeating Dates Up to End Date

I see how to set the defer date, the due date and the repeat interval for a task. How do I say repeat monthly until October? It’s not an infinite repeat. This project and it’s tasks will be over by then.

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There isn’t currently a “repeat until”date. The system creates new repeated actions when prior ones are checked off. When the project is done, delete that final added action.

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I have to put a single task that is on the last day and say “Delete my repeating task”. Set the defer and due date to the last day.


OK, thanks explaining.

I’d like there to be a way to set tasks to repeat either till a specific date, or a certain number of times.


  • Repeat weekly on monday for 10 weeks
  • Repeat again every 5 days till 1st december

Essentially, it should work the same way it does in ‘Things’.


I think this is a good feature and would love it to be added, if it’s easy.

But I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE (maybe for 3.0) a method to increment a detail in the title. “Set up 1st table” “Set up 2nd table” etc.

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Yes, really need a way to schedule the end of a repeat, either by number or repetitions or by date. This is commonly available on calendars, to do lists, etc.

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Has this been implemented or is this still on the to do list?

It sounds like it has a good chance of showing up in 2017 with more options for dates and repeats.

Read the Omnigroup blog article: Looking Back, Looking Ahead—2017 Edition and go to the section titled OmniFocus in 2017

One of the bullet items says:

  • More flexible repeats and notifications (such as “third Thursday of the month” and “keep reminding me every ten minutes until I check this off”)

Crossing my fingers…

How can I create a task that repeats only n times in OmniFocus?

For example, say I need to complete a series of allergy shots over the next 5 weeks, once per week. Do I really need to create 5 tasks?


Currently, there isn’t an easy way to do that. We hope its’ coming in OF3, alongside various other improvements.

It might be easier (albeit not what you want) do do it in Calendar?

Hi. Something I do every day is rehearsing for my different upcoming concerts and performances. I create a Task such as “Rehearse for April 15th Concert at CSL,” with the due date as April 15, but I would like to see it and check it off every day. BusyCal lets me set a stop date for repeating calendar entries, which would be analogous to my “due” date, but I would prefer to use OmniFocus as my task manager for this. At any moment I have multiple different concerts on my calendar with many different pieces to practice for each performance. I would love to have a project for each show with repeating practice periods for each song as a future state (more work), but having repeating entries with a stop date would be great for now. Thanks. Blessings.

For things like this I have previously used Workflow to generate a consecutive project, containing parallel action groups which contains the songs I need to practice. Then it can repeat every X days until Y date as per my wish, and I only see the next practice session at any time. Obviously it’s not the same as have OF just stop repeating something on X day, but it has worked pretty well for me!

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On a related note, If I have a repeating series of tasks (Monthly Financial Updates, for example) and get delayed in servicing them, it would be nice if I could update the due date without changing the repeating schedule of the tasks. Due to the press of other events (taxes :-) I have not completed my monthly financial reporting tasks this month (ten or so of them) and instead of resetting the due date for Monday on them, which I would prefer, I am leaving them in overdue status simply because I don’t want to go back and then reschedule the repeating dates to their original. I feel that behavior on my part would make the system more fragile and susceptible to unforeseen failures.

It would also be nice to mark tasks with an “X” as not going to do, rather than delete it, so I have the record in my archives of acknowledging the task and choosing not to do it.

These are examples of two real-world cases I face on a regular basis that have me occasionally trying out other task systems :-). But I keep coming home to OF :-).



please add the function before of3 released, thank you team

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Consider this my vote for adding this feature! If there is a better way to communicate my vote to OmniGroup, please let me know!

Are we all still waiting patiently for this feature? I tried to set an ending date for a recurring task but can’t find an area to do so.

I need this feature too