Repeating items in sequential project

Hey guys,

Not sure if I’m missing something here but I’m struggling with the setup of a project with repeating sequential tasks.

I have a sequential project called “washing and ironing”, the project has 3 items; wash clothes, hang clothes and iron clothes.

Each item is set to “Repeat regularly” on a Saturday. The issue I have is that as soon as I have completed ‘wash clothes’ it repeats straight away but deferred till next week which causes the next tasks in the sequence to be blocked and never come available. Am I missing something here? Can you guys think of a workaround?



Rather than having the actions repeat, set the project to repeat. Does that work for you?

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Thanks for the reply.

Wouldn’t that mean that the actions wouldn’t be there anymore though as they would technically be completed? Wouldn’t it just repeat an empty project?

Not at all! Unless you delete them rather than tick them off😉

The actions may not be visible (by default) when completed, but they’re still there and will be repeated dutifully.

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Ah perfect. Thankyou. I have reconfigured the project and test it this week :)

I have asked fro a way to insert a delay between sequential tasks here: Feature Request: Insert time delay between sequential tasks