Repeating list with not-repeating tasks

I am the one who makes dinner at home. And once a week I make a list of diners for the next week. So I consider to make seven lists, one for every day of the week one: eating on monday, eating on tuesday etc, and let them repeat every week.
In the list I can plan our dinner, note what I need to buy…but these are tasks that don’t repeat because I don’t want to eat every monday the same stuff, and I don’t need to buy every tuesday onions… Is this possible?
greetings Jan

OmniFocus can handle that! Either make seven projects and set the project to repeat in one week or make one project “Prepare Dinners” and make each day an action group (with indented sub-actions) and make each action group repeat in one week.

The key is NOT to make BOTH the actions AND the enclosing group or project repeat. Then you will be making the same dinners forever!

If you need more detail, let us know.